The modes of presentation must be in oral presentation or poster presentation.

(1) Oral presentation

  • Presentation time must be within 15 minutes, including question period.
  • Oral presentations will be conducted on September 3rd, September 4thor September 6th. Presenter cannot  choose the date by them self. Participants will be informed later by the organizing committee.
  • Presentation must be in English.
  • Some of the applicants for oral presentations may be asked to give poster presentations instead.

(2) Poster presentation

  • The size of the poster must be within 90 cm (height) × 70 cm (width).
  • Poster presentation will be conducted on September 3rd - 4th. Presenter cannot choose the time of presentation. Participants will be informed later by the organizing committee.
  • Posters must be written and presented in English.

Submitting abstract

Participants who will make an oral presentation/poster presentation must submit an abstract and note the following items:

  • The abstract must be written in English.
  • Participants who will make an oral presentation/poster presentation must choose their session topic.
  • The initial of each abstract and main topic must be in capital letters, and within 100 letters.
  • The abstract must be in English and within 250 words.
  • Do not use diagrams, pictures, or photographs.
  • The due date of the abstract is 30 June 2019
  • If you submit an abstract, you must also complete registration by July 15th 2019.
  • If you submit an abstract and do not complete the registration, you will not be entitled to make a presentation.

Revision of abstracts

Revision before due date

  • Applicants can revise their abstract by the due date (20 May) even after the submission.
  • If obvious spelling or grammatical mistakes are found, Organization Committee may correct them. Please make sure to confirm that the abstract is written correctly before submitting.

Revision after due date

  • Some  applicants may be asked to revise their abstract according to the experts’ advice after the deadline of abstract submission.

Notification of review results

  • Abstracts will be selected after they have been reviewed by scientific committee.
  • Those who have submitted an abstract will be notifiedthe result via the E-mail (primary author) address provided in the abstract.
  • Applicants will be notified  the results by the middle of June 2019.

Important Dates

  • Due date of oral presentation/poster session abstracts:  30 June 2019
  • Early due date of registration: 30 April 2019
  • Regular due date of registration: 15 July 2019 and late registration: 15 August 2019