Mid-Conference Excursion(September 4th 2019)

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There are three trails of the excursion:

1. Rinjani Cultural Landscape :
Itinerary: Mataram – Kemaliq Pura Lingsar – Waterfall in Aik Berik

This trail talk much about the culture forming by the volcanic landscape and Mount Rinjani. Most of land of Lombok covered by volcanic rock, both ancient volcanic rock and young volcanic rock. Almost the whole of Rinjani-Lombok Geopark area itself covered by quarternary volcanic rock dominated by Rinjani volcanic rock. Mount Rinjani is the holy mount because it belief as the center cosmos of Lombok Island. Rinjani is the only water resources of Lombok Island so that every ethnicity in Lombok really love and respect to this mount.

In this trail participant will visit some of the geosite in Rinjani-Lombok Geopark that show the local culture related to Mount Rinjani. fisrt stop site will be at Kemaliq Pura Lingsar. Kemaliq Pura Lingsar is an area where Hinduism (Balinese) and Moslem in Lombok (Sasak people) stitch together to protect the spring in this area. Both etchnics consider the spring is a holy place and need to be protect for our live. Once a year there is a ceremony called “perang topat” to strengthen relation between two different religion.

The second stop site is at Aik Berik Village. Aik Berik Village is one of the infiltration of ground water area in Lombok. There are so many springs and waterfalls here, most two famous waterfalls are Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu. Benang Kelambu and Benang Setokel are located inside the tropical forest of Lombok. It takes about 2 hours walk to see and enjoy this two waterfalls. Benang Kelambu Waterfall is a waterfall where the water comes out from the rock pores and looks like a nets.

2. Local Wisdom for Disaster Resilience:
Itinerary: Mataram – Gumantar – Senaru

One of the reason why Rinjani and it’s surround developed to be a geopark is because Lombok is a vulnerable area to geohazards and climate change. Indigenous people of Lombok, called as Sasak (ethnic) have kind of local wisdom in about how lo live, conserve the forest and local roles to use the nature material for lifehood. In this trail, participants of the symposium will visit some geosite in Gumantar and Senaru.

Gumantar is one of the famous geosite for its local culture including the traditional building of Sasak people. Basically, traditional building of Lombok is made from bamboo, wood, and other natural material arround the area. These traditional building is also an earthquake resistant building because of the elasticity of bamboo in the face of earthquake vibrations. When 2 months earthquake happening in Lombok in 2018, the Gumantar Traditional Village (and Senaru) persisted and even became a refuge / evacuation place for earthquake victims from other villages. After the big earthquakes happen, today people in Lombok returned his attention to local wisdom in building construction.

Senaru is another geosite to visit. This place is one of the main gate to Mount Rinjani. local people get increase their economy because of trekking activity to Rinjani and soft-trekking arround the village. There are some important site in Senaru namely traditional village of Senaru, coffee plantation and the waterfalls with their own unique geological story.

3. Trace of Ancient Volcano in Sembalun Valley :
Itinerary: Mataram – Sembalun

Sembalun is one of the most important geosite in Rinjani-Lombok Geopark. It is one of the gate to Mount Rinjani (center of the geopark) and the shortest trekking path to reach the highest point in Lesser Sunda (top of Rinjani). Sembalun itself is a remnant of ancient caldera. Sembalun is another young quarternary volcanic complex beside Rinjani in the geopark. The age of ancient volcano of Sembalun is about 0.45 million years ago. Sembalun is also one of the oldest civilization of Lombok after paroximal eruption of Old Rinjani.Sembalun today is famous as the fertile land with beautiful landscape. In 2017 Sembalun awarded as the World Best Halal Honeymoon Destination. Sembalun is also one of the most affected area of Lombok Earthquake in 2018 but the people of Sembalun get up soon because so much to do in this beautiful land.

Sembalun has some sites of the geopark namely Desa Beleq Sembalun (Traditional Village of Sembalun consist of 7 houses), the wall of ancient caldera surround the village of Sembalun, agriculture and the waterfalls.


  • In the registration, please choose the route that you would like to attend.
  • Your choice may not meet your wish depending on the registration status of each group to be allocated by the organizing committee.
  • In case the registration do not meet the required number for the tour , it may be cancelled.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes for walking to some visiting spots.
  • Tours may be cancelled or partly changed in the event of inclement weather.