UNESCO Global Geoparks Contribute for Sustaining Local Communities and Reducing Geohazard Risk

Session Topics

  • Empowering local socio-economic sustainable development
  • Engaging Communities, geohazard risk and recovery
  • Popularizing scientific knowledge for public education
  • Promoting aspiring global geoparks
  • Networking volcanic landscape global geoparks

Organizing Committee

Regional Secretary of West Nusa Tenggara Province

Co-chairman 1:
General Manager of Rinjani UGGp

Co-chairman 2:
Head of Planning, Research and Regional Development Agency of West Nusa Tenggara

Co-chairman 3:
Head of Tourism Office


  • Head of Energy & Mineral Resources Office
  • Head of Environment and Forestry Office
  • Head of Industrial Office
  • Head of Education and Culture Office
  • Head of Communication, Information and Statistical Data Office
  • Head of Public Works and Housing Office
  • Rinjani-Lombok Geopark Management Board
  • Tambora Geopark Management Board

APGN Advisory Committee Member

  1. Prof. Dr. HE Qingcheng (China)
  2. Prof. Setsuya Nakada (Japan)
  3. Dr. Soojae Lee (Korea)
  4. Mr. Hanang Samodra (Indonesia)
  5. Dr. Alireza Amrikazemi (Iran)
  6. Ms. Kana Furusawa (Japan)
  7. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Komoo (Malaysia)
  8. Dr. Tran Tan Van (Vietnam)
  9. Dr. Tawspon Nuchanong (Thailand)
  10. Ms. Sun Li (China)
  11. Prof. Dr. Zhang Jiaping (China)
  12. Dr. Mahito Watanabe (Japan)
  13. Dr. Yongmun Jeon (Korea)
  14. Dr. Miguel Clusener-Godt (UNESCO)
  15. Prof. Dr. Nikolas Zouros (GGN)