You can get to know hundreds of world geoparks just by visiting the exhibition at the Asia Pacific Geopark Network international symposium at the Lombok Raya Hotel in Mataram.



All the booths showcase geoparks from all around the world, displaying information in the form of photo displays and brochures. There are also those who provide books about each geopark’s uniqueness in their country.


Others showcased their geopark through a documentary video or other creative ways. Japan for example, equips their booth with a large floor map of the archipelago nation.

Some visitors who would like to learn more about Japan’s geopark can walk back and forth on the map following the booth guide. Japan itself has 44 geoparks, with 19 of them being registered as UNESCO Global Geoparks. As a country with earthquake potential similar to that of Lombok, the Japanese people and government are very much concerned about how the environment impacts their daily lives.


Nearby, South Korea has 14 new geoparks, 9 of which have been registered as UNESCO Global Geoparks. Indonesia displays several geopark booths, including Rinjani Geopark.


The event’s uniqueness and diversity can be seen at the Papuan booth, where visitors can find a model wearing traditional clothes from that region. This attracts everyone there, whether they are symposium participants, students or the general public. As a form of education, this exhibition introduces beauty from another part of the world, as well as that region’s natural wealth and how to take care of it.

(jm – media team*)