The chances of Tambora becoming a UNESCO Global Geopark are increasing. The eruption of Mount Tambora back in 1815 has also influenced the course of human history, something few other Geopark can claim. Mr. Guy Martini, Chair of the UNESCO Global Geopark Council called Tambora an interesting place. After watching the film showcasing Tambora Geopark, which was screened during the Welcome Dinner of the 6th Asia Pacific Geopark Network Symposium.

Meet after his greeting, Mr. Martini said there was enough reason for Tambora to be eligible to be proposed as a UNESCO Global Geopark. Although he admitted that he didn’t possess much knowledge about Tambora as he has never visited himself, he had heard enough proposals and arguments supporting Tambora’s promotion to Global Geopark status to pique his interest, and would soon pay the site a visit.

Elsewhere, Ridwansyah, the chairman of the Tambora Geopark delegation at the 2019 Asia Pacific Geopark Network (APGN) symposium, during the welcome dinner expressed  optimism that Tambora could be upgraded to Global Geopark status. Ridwansyah said that besides its involvement in world history, Tambora itself has a lot of natural wealth. So far, only two geoparks, Belitung and Toba Caldera, have been proposed as UNESCO Geoparks. “Moreover, there are some APGN participants who plan to come directly to Tambora to [visit],” Ridwansyah said.