As scheduled in agenda, 31th August morning were the 1st UNESCO Global Geopark Council Meeting, held in Rinjani 3 Room, Vila Ombak Hotel. The meeting was attended by participants that comes from UGG Council delegates, APGN Advisory Committee, and the Observer from all over the world, such as Canada, German, South Korea, Russia, Spanyol, and Indonesia.

For Indonesia there were Mr. Hans Dencker and Ms. Ai Sugiura who came from UNESCO Jakarta to join the meeting as observer. The General Manager of Rinjani Lombok UGGp as the host of APGN Symposium and Indonesia Commission for UNESCO Jakarta also spotted in the room as well.

The meeting was open by Mr Guy Martini (Chair of the UNESCO Global Geopark Council) and the issue that were disscussed in the meeting is about the aggreement of regulation and the final decision of Aspiring UNESCO Global Geopark. Observer have the chance to express their argument in the regulation section. But its porhibit for the decision of Aspiring UNESCO Global Geopark section.

The discussion getting heated when it comes to decision for the aspiring UNESCO Global Geopark.  Everyone in the council tried their best to be objective as possible as they could. And the final decision will be announced at the closing ceremony of APGN Symposium.