The 6th APGN 2019 Symposium’s success is not only measured by the ability of the host to manage various activities and events, but by how it introduces culture, tourism potential, and other forms of wealth. A prime example from Saturday night was the serving of North Lombok traditional dishes; Pelecing Kale, Beberok, and Banana compote.

Domestic guests are no strangers to these amazing foods but for foreign participants this was something quite different, especially “agi”. One of the foreign guests energetically asked the waiter about the food, its ingredients, where it came from and how they manage to create such amazing flavors.

The Indonesian guests chuckled when hearing someone mispronounce pelecing as “pelecaing kengkung”, and explained to them that it was a traditional kind of salad, with a spicy flavor.

The participants enjoyed the lunch prepared by the Hotel, which was a blend of international and traditional food from Lombok. The atmosphere was made even better with the sound of the waves nearby and the beautiful view in front of the restaurant.