So many valuable lessons were gained from the 2019 UGG Council session held at the Vila Ombak Hotel, Gili Trawangan, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

The trial led by Mr. Guy Martini, when discussing the proposal of the UNESCO Global Geopark from various countries, (Sunday, 1/9-2019) filled with fair and honest confessions from the participants. The session took place dynamically, because each participant was always active in giving name suggestions and arguments to support of them.

UGG Council members automatically raised their hands several times when the chair of the session mentioned some of the names proposed for UNESCO Global Geopark. Many UGG Council members express honestly and publicly their conflict of interest in some of the proposed geopark candidates.

For example, during the discussion of the Yangan Tau Geopark proposal from Russia, one of the UGG Council members from Spain, Ms. Helga Irinan Chulepin Molina immediately raised her hand after the chair of the session mentioned the name of the proposed geopark (Aspiring Geopark UNESCO Global Geopark).

Likewise, during the discussion on the Toba Geopark, Mr. Guy Martini immediately left the courtroom and was replaced by other UGG members. “I have a conflict of Interest,” they said every time they leave the room.

A valuable and important lesson for all of us to improve our integrity and honesty. On how someone honestly confess about his “heart’s content”, about his subjectivity –which only be God and themselves knows — that he “cannot objectively” evaluate a proposed document.

The reason some of them cannot be objective is because they had come to the place assessed, served well, had intensive interactions with the proposer and/or had been an evaluator of the proposed document.

In addition, everyone openly states their agree and disagreement with the others opinions. There was no hesitation even when the chairmen of the sessions opinion themselves being denied, and they did not object the idea of being disputed and openly debated in front of the forum.

Conversely, several times the participants admitted that they were wrong and weak in their arguments immediately and openly in front of the forum, in front of everyone without having to feel afraid of losing their face.

This is certainly a good example for observers, especially those from Indonesia where “feeling reluctant and ashamed” to express opinions publicly is still a generally accepted habit.

— (APGN Media Team) —