Saturday night, 31 August 2019, as a host, North Lombok Regent – Dr. H. Najmul Akhyar, held a welcome dinner for the arrival of the delegations from the UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG) Council, APGN Advisory Committee and observers on Gili Trawangan. He felt proud and grateful for the election of North Lombok for the UGG Council and APGN AC Meeting 2019. This meeting participated by various countries is the proof that Lombok is safe and comfortable for visit. On this occasion, he promotes unique and distinct sceneries around the Trawangan, one of which was the emergence of fresh water sources in the middle of the sea. “The Marine Park in Gili Trawangan is one of the most beautiful in Indonesia! he continued”.

He hoped the participants could enjoy the serene atmosphere on Gili Trawangan. “I understand that you are all very busy with the programs, meetings and discussions, from morning until night,” he said. “Therefore, I hope that you will return to visit North Lombok in a more relaxed situation or vacation together with family and friends from each country”.

The event was enlivened by the “Rudat” art. The traditional dance performance with movements similar to Pencak Silat performances, with hitting, kicking, putting up forms and parrying. This dance usually performed in welcoming guests and important events in the community. And in meanwhile, the Regent, UGG, and APGN meeting participants enjoyed dinner together.