30th August 2019.

The first arrivals of the 6th APGN Symposium participants came in around 9:30 a.m.  The morning schedule in Lombok International Airport that day was gradual, with one or two people representatives arriving at a time which made welcoming them much more managable.

During this time Zachary Forrest -Zac-, an American student from Northeastern University, USA (interning at Tambora Geopark) had the oppurtunity to join the committee and conduct a short interview with two UNESCO representatives from France. In that brief exchange, he found that while one of them had never been to Lombok before, the other had been here 15 years ago and was very excited to see how the island has changed since then.

Zac with the Committee of APGN Symposium

Untill the event is done, Zac will help the committee to made up some articles about how the 6th APGN Symposium held, interviewed some participants, and enjoyed the event as well! “It such a great opportunity to be involved in an International event like this.”